Meet Natalie Joy

How it all started…In 2014 Natalie Joy began her journey pursuing her God-sized Dream to help women find more Joy in their personal & professional lives. Four years prior she had been forced to start her life over after a failed marriage involving infidelity and emotional abuse. She took on the last name Joy as a daily reminder that each day we have the ability to choose to have Joy in our lives.

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Prior to launching, Defining Your Joy, Natalie Joy worked in the corporate world as a Top Level Strategic Coach and Traveling Corporate Trainer-helping businesses grow at a rapid rate of 20% each year in a market of only an average of 3% growth. Speaking & Coaching others are Natalie’s passions but after 13 years in this industry she desired to make a much bigger impact in the lives of women.

Today she works with women all over the world helping them start & grow their personal and business dreams through one-on-one coaching, speaking and events. Natalie received her Executive Coaching & Speaking Certification in 2015 and is currently a proud member of the John Maxwell Team. 

In 2016 she formed a team of industry experts and launched the Launch Your Dream Academy, a 12-month module based program guiding women step by step through the process of starting their own business. From her own experience she learned that it is much more difficult to go through the process alone and wanted to provide a resource to help these women avoid costly mistakes, while feeling encouraged and supported on their own journey.

Natalie Joy currently lives Atlanta, GA with her loving Husband, Adam and their dog, Arneis (“Little Rascal" in Italian’). Daily she chooses Joy and is truly living her dream!