The Full Launch Your Dream Academy
Includes 52- Step-by-step lesson modules on how to build your business taught by our team of Industry Experts - This same content would cost you $12,410 in hourly rate fees to meet with each expert 1 on 1 in their own industry. 
Each Lesson includes a Worksheet & Action Items to complete
52- Recorded Q & A interviews with our team of Experts on their lesson topics
20% off all products and services offered in our shop and by our expert team. 

Launch Lesson Topics include: 

Pre-Launch Modules
Strategy- Do You Have A Business Plan? 
Strategy- Will Your Business Be Profitable? - Coming Soon! 
Mindset- Magic Of Mindset (Q & A
Accounting- Understanding Entity Structure (Q & A) 
Legal- The Legal ABC's of Setting Up Your Business (Q & A) 
Legal- Power of Protecting Your Brand & Trademarks (Q & A)
Strategy- Defining Your Joy & Purpose - Coming Soon! 
Funding- Finance Your Dream- Coming Soon! 
Technology- Selecting Your Domain & Hosting - Coming Soon! 

Launch Modules
Accounting- Setting Up Your QuickBooks (1.5 hr lesson - $300 Value) 
Accounting- Understanding Your Business Finances Process & Terms (Q & A)
Technology- Tech Basics
Sales- Identifying Your Strengths & Weaknesses in Sales (Q & A) 
Marketing- What Is Your Marketing Your Strategy? (Q & A) 
Website Design- Websites 101- Coming Soon! 
Mindset- Fighting The Fear Factor
Mindset- Mastering Mindset (Q & A)
HR- Payroll Basics - Coming Soon! 
Accounting- Understanding Tax For Your Business

Marketing Modules
Blogging- Beginning Guide to Blogging (Q & A) 
Video Marketing - Video Media For Business 101- Coming Soon! 
Marketing Strategy- 12 Tips To Help You Start To Test Your Marketing Messages (Q & A) 
Networking- Networking 101
Blogging- Building Your Blog-Sized Dream (Q & A) 
Video Marketing - Video Media For Business 102- Coming Soon! 
Marketing Strategy- Upping Your Direct Response Marketing (Q & A) 
Social Media- Maintaining Your Reputation Online - Coming Soon! 
Marketing Strategy- What Events Can Do For Your Business (Q & A) 
Social Media- Social Media Overview For Your Business - Coming Soon! 
Social Media- Instagram 101- Coming Soon! 
Social Media - Tweeter 101 - Coming Soon! 
Social Media- Facebook 101- Coming Soon! 
Blogging- I Am Live Now What? (Q & A) 
Marketing Strategy- How To Be A More Effective Marketer (Q & A) 

Growth Modules
Tech 102- Coming Soon! 
HR & Human Capital- Employee vs Independent Contractor (Q & A) 
HR & Human Capital- Intro To Federal Employment Laws (Q & A) 
HR & Human Capital- Employee Life Cycle (Q & A) 
Marketing Strategy- Creating Your Marketing Funnel- Sequences 101 (Q & A) 
Sales- How to Overcome Sales Objections - Coming Soon! 
Strategy- Quarterly Planning For Your Business
Strategy- Being Intentional With Life & Business

Specialty Modules- Coming Soon! 
Non-profits- History & Basics Lesson
Non-profits- Mission Launch- Defining Your Mission Statement & Forming Your Board Of Directors
Non-profits- Creating Successful Fundraising Strategies
Non-profits- Grant Writing & Proposals

Leadership Modules
Leadership 101
Leadership 102
Leadership 201
Leadership 202

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The Launch Your Dream Academy Faculty

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