Grow Your Dream


Are you...

  • Tired of the group only coaching sessions offered by other business coaches? Are you ready for someone to truly take a vested interest 1-on-1 in your business success? 
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the noise and content available but simply need some help finding what the right next move is for your business? 
  • Working endlessly but still not accomplishing the results you want to see? 
  • Done making excuses and are now seeking a partner to hold you accountable to your goals and celebrate your successes?
  • Able to eliminate the obstacles & road blocks that have been holding you back on your own or do you need a little help? 
  • Looking to maximize efficiency within yourself and your business?
  • Ready to join a community of like-minded dreamers here to support & encourage you on your journey
  • Needing more joy in your personal & professional life?

If YES...this is the program for you! 

You'll Get: 

6- 1:1 coaching sessions (1hr) with Certified Executive Coach, Natalie Joy. During these sessions, we will guide you focusing on developing a strategic plan to achieve your business goals. Each session includes a recap with actionable steps to complete between sessions. (Zoom video calls are also available upon request)

Bonus 90-Min Clarity & Strategy Zoom Intensive. This is a great way to jump start your dream journey with clarity & confidence.  You will receive a roadmap for success following this intensive 1st session. 

 6-Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions with Natalie Joy. These sessions are meant to challenge you and provide you with new monthly content while connecting with other like-minded dreamers. Some months I will bring in guest speakers on topics such as Mindset, Growing Your Email List, Sales Strategy, Simplifying & Perfecting Business Processes. 

 Weekly Accountability- It is our top priority to help you achieve your business goals. We are not only your coach but your accountability partner. You will be offered weekly opportunities to receive feedback to keep you moving forward!

Facebook Community Mentorship Network- We are focused on building a strong community of like-minded dreamers. Women that are in the process of working towards or on their dream. This network of women are here to support and encourage each other on the journey. This is also an opportunity to network and collaborate together.

 Customized Coaching To Your Personality & Strengths - ($50 Value) During our Coaching relationship I will use a few tools to better understand your natural strengths, learning & communication style. As certified Kolbe consultants, we customize your coaching communication and program to best serve you. Results of this assessments will be shared with you in a report & audio format.

Hand Picked Books & Resources for your Journey - My goal to provide you will exceptional custom selected resources that encourages and challenges you towards continued personal & professional growth. 

 Discounted Admission to our Defining Your Joy Annual Retreat-  In October 2018 we will be hosting our  Defining Your Joy Retreat! We are in the planning process and will release more details very soon! Check out testimonials & photos from our 2017 retreat! 

 Monthly Snail Mail Surprises to Keep Your Encouraged- We know how hard and lonely it can feel sometimes on this journey. We want you to know we are here supporting, encouraging and cheering you on!

Are You Ready to Get the Support and Encouragement You Need To Launch & Grow Your Dream Into A Thriving Business? Let's Get Started! Schedule Your 90-Min Clarity & Strategy Session!

Still Have Question? 

Schedule time to talk about the possibility of working together to get the support you need in your business and life. Sign up for a complimentary discovery call here, or email me at

Our Defining Your Joy Promise To You! 

This not your average coaching company! Our goal is to provide you more in service value than what you pay for. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you feel we have not delivered on this promise!

 You are not a client number to us, you are a valued business owner & friend. We are committed to digging in deep into getting to know both you and your business dreams. We are a boutique coaching company with a set limit number of clients. We hold to this number providing you with the highest level of service.

You will experience a close net community of like-minded dreamers! We provide several opportunities for connection among clients through our social media network as well a monthly group coaching sessions. This allows us to really develop a strong relationship between all of us. Providing additional support, networking & encouragement.

You will be provided several learning opportunities on multi levels. Within your membership, you will receive 1-on-1 coaching sessions, group coaching sessions & virtual group coaching opportunities.

You will be coached based on your unique individual strengths, learning, and communication style. Every coaching client receives a natural abilities assessment called Kolbe ($50 Value). This is an incredible, powerful tool that we are certified to administer. Allowing us to customize your coaching experience to offer you the most effective results based on how you naturally operate. These results are shared with you through a report and audio format.

We will receive an opportunity to get paid for referring your friends, family & your colleagues to join our Defining Your Joy family. We value so much our relationships and want nothing more than to have more incredible like-minded clients like yourself.

You will have the opportunity to receive your “How to” coaching from industry expert learning modules recorded by our own dream team if you choose vs using your precious coaching sessions on learning the basics. We are then able to effectively use these sessions to answer your questions and develop effective custom strategies for your unique business. We want you to get the very most out of your investment! (See Launch Your Dream Academy Bundles) 

You will receive your coaching from a Certified Executive Coach with over 10,000+ hours experience in helping entrepreneurs & organizations find clarity in their vision & business growth. She has completed an extensive certification program from one of the top coaching companies in the world and has invested over $120k+ in obtaining the information provided within these programs.

Still Have Question? 

Schedule time to talk about the possibility of working together to get the support you need in your business and life. Sign up for a complimentary discovery call here, or email me at